Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's longtime former drummer, Dallas Taylor, has died.

Taylor drummed on CSNY's debut album after becoming friends with Stephen Stills and stayed with the band when they added Neil Young and then went on to play on Still's 1970 solo album and joined him in the group Manassas.

He also played with Van Morrison during the course of his career.

His wife Patti Mcgovern-Taylor broke the news via Facebook. She wrote: "This morning at 2:30 am I lost the love of my life Dallas W Taylor. He came into my life almost 18 years ago and saved me as much as I may have saved him.

He passed away on January 18, 2015.

I have not been able to find an exact cause of his death in my research, but Taylor had a history of drug abuse, and in fact had such a big problem with substance abuse that Keith Moon himself told him, “Dallas, you do too much drugs.”

Besides his successful drumming career, Taylor worked as an addiction specialist in Los Angeles, helping people overcome their reliance on alcohol and drugs, for he knew all about the difficulty in overcoming addictions, which led to his own downhill slide into divorce, homelessness, and a suicide attempt.

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After surviving his suicide attempt, Taylor was transferred to a rehab hospital. He began a new life of sobriety in 1984. Five years later, he was diagnosed with a terminal liver disease. His friends David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash and Neil Young, along with rock luminaries Don Henley and Eddie Van Halen, performed a benefit concert for him in 1990, raising enough money for a liver transplant.

And in 2007,Taylor underwent a kidney transplant, with his wife Patti donating one of her organs.

He was once asked about Keith Richards and how he made it to old age, saying, “Luckily enough I survived my time to be Keith Richards, and frankly I wouldn’t want to be Keith Richards. God bless him. He can have it. The truth is it’s an addiction and it’s progressive. Alcoholism is deadly. Most of us who have that genetic pre-disposition to it…died from it.”

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