So how do you feel about your kids getting the COVID-19 vaccine? Almost every adult I know has been onboard to get the vaccine themselves. However, if you ask the same group of people how they feel about their kids getting the vaccine, suddenly you get mixed reviews.

As a parent of three daughters, I get it. It’s that feeling that if something bad has to happen, you would much rather it happen to you than your children. We always air on the side of caution with our kids. I remember seriously asking our pediatrician if I should put a bicycle helmet on my kids when driving them in our car. I mean, it can’t hurt anything but their reputation right?

We love our kids and this COVID thing is still a big unknown. Plus, there are people spreading rumors about the safety of the vaccine when it comes to fertility when our daughters are grown. Is there real evidence of that? No. Do we want to be careful just in case? Lots of people are saying yes.  I'm not sure where I land yet but I have to decide soon.  I got the vaccine and I’m glad I did. My daughters have many other vaccinations so why am I worried to give them this one?

Pfizer's shot to kids as young as 12 will be in an an effort to protect middle and high school students before they head back to class in the fall.  Gov. Murphy said children may be able to get vaccinated in one of the following ways:

*Partnerships with schools


*Local pharmacies



The Food and Drug Administration declared that the Pfizer vaccine is safe and offers strong protection for younger teens.  They tested more than 2,000 U.S. volunteers ages 12 to 15, my good friend’s daughter was one of them.

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Side effects are the same as for adults mostly sore arms and flu-like fever, chills or aches which show your immune system is working, especially after the second dose.

Will students be forced to take it before returning in the fall? That’s my big question and my personal tipping point. If the options are: back to in-person learning with the vaccines or stay with home schooling without a vaccine then we're making a doctor’s appointment. I’ll keep you posted as we learn more!

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