Attending a wedding can be seriously expensive when you consider the gift, travel and lodging costs, as well as the time that goes into the event. However, it looks like the alternative can be pretty pricey, too. That's what several guests who no-showed a destination wedding might be learning soon after a happy couple wrote up $120 invoices for each unused seat.

By now you've likely seen the invoice floating around social media as a meme, but it is also very much real. The New York Post did some digging and even found the couple: Doug and Dedra Simmons of Chicago, who exchanged vows in Jamaica in August.

The pair told Insider that eight of the 109 guests who RSVPed yes did not show up to the event. According to Doug, the no-shows didn't even comment on missing the big day once they were back home.

"I feel like that was a real issue because we would've understood if they had told us that they could not make it," the groom explained. "It wouldn't have been a problem. But to no-call, no-show — that was an issue."

That's when he turned to Facebook and posted the invoice alongside a message putting the no-shows on blast: "Don't be offended when I sent this #invoice to you," he warned in the "#PettyPost."

The invoice in question includes a note explaining it was issued for the cost of the previously confirmed seats for the big day. The bill also requests payment be received promptly via PayPal or Zelle within 30 days of the issue date.

Since going viral and being identified, the newlyweds have spilled some tea about their viral moment. Chiefly, Doug assured Insider that he didn't actually send the invoice. "It was me just being a bit petty and just having a teachable moment at the same time. I've never had to send it out because just them seeing it alone on Facebook brought about guilt," he explained.

Some of the guests have since offered to cover the costs for their unoccupied seats; however, the Simmons said it wasn't necessary. "We said: 'Hey, it's OK. Let this be a lesson to you. Please don't do this to anybody else because we understand that things happen, but it's just not OK at the end of the day to do someone like that, especially someone that you call a friend or you call family.'"

Now their ultimate petty move lives on as a teachable moment and a pretty hysterical meme. Hopefully it's also a sign of a marriage filled with plenty of laughter in the years to come.

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