After losing The Disney Store at the Monmouth and Ocean County malls a few years ago and losing the final location at the Freehold Raceway Mall in March, I thought they'd never return to New Jersey. However, after some surprising recent news, it could be a reality.

Disney Store Celebrates Opening Of Newly Designed Store
Getty Images for Disney

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You may have heard that Toys 'R Us will be making a comeback to NJ as they will be opening open stores inside of Macy's in over 400 locations. Well, the people behind The Disney Store are going to do something similar with Target and an exclusive partnership. In all, there will be 160 such stores and the math tells me at least a few will be in our state and at least 1 at the Jersey Shore. I asked my magic 8-ball if one would come to either Ocean or Monmouth County and the answer was "as I see it, yes."

These new Disney-Target collaborations are said to be under 1,000 square feet and include Disney merch and a completely different look. It will not just be a Disney aisle. It will feel like you've walked into a completely different store. The launch of these stores will happen by the end of this year!

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