While I still don't know how baseball can really pull this off, I'll be glad to see some games played sooner than later!

Trevor Plouffe, who had a very brief stint on the Phils, tweeted this:

If all teams start on July 1st, they could probably set up a straight half-season schedule. If you were to play 28 games in July, August, and September, you'd end up at 84. Throw in a couple extra days off to make it 81, and you're at exactly half of a 162 game season.

The bigger issues, beyond scheduling, would just be what would happen if a player tested positive. A few minor-leaguers in the Yankee system had to self-quarantine in a hotel for two weeks, but what would happen if someone got sick mid-season? The players are still in the same locker room, base-runners will be next to fielders, the batter and catcher and umpire are all on top of eachother...there would just be such a risk of infection it doesn't seem worth it.

Obviously this entire plan is still just a rumor at the moment, so we'll see if MLB makes any official announcements.

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