Wawa hoagies haven't gotten any bigger, but inflation has hit the cost of them over the years. Curious to know what sandwiches cost during the chain's inaugural Hoagiefest back in 2008?

Wawa's annual Hoagiefest event just got underway on June 19th. It's something die hard Wawa fans wait all year for and AWESOME that it coincides with summer so we can pick up sandwiches on the way to the Jersey Shore beaches.


Hoagiefest at Wawa is in its 15th year! That's a pretty incredible legacy by promotion standards.

This year, Wawa Shorti six-inch hoagies are going for $5 and Classic 10-inch hoagies for $6, according to NBC Philadelphia, no matter how ya take 'em.




Still a pretty good deal considering the price of EVERYTHING has skyrocketed recently. But the Shorti, at least, has nearly double since 2008.

According to CSP Daily News, when Hoagiefest began back in June of '08, Shorti hoagies cost just $2.99! So, in 15 years time, the price has gone up by $2.01.

However, back during the first-ever Hoagiefest, you couldn't just load your Shorti with whatever you wanted. The offer included an Italian hoagie the first week, beef or chicken cheesesteak in Week 2, turkey hoagie Week 3, and meatball hoagie in the final week.

Will you pick up a hoagie from Wawa during Hoagiefest? How do you like yours?

Wawa Hoagiefest 2023 runs through July 16th.

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