A group of teens broke into Abma's Farm in North Jersey over the weekend. Owner Jimmy Abma caught them trying to steal tables and chairs, unlocking gates to the petting zoo, trying to ride a donkey, and allegedly abusing a horse.

While Abma spoke to two of the kids, the rest were able to flee. They would have gotten away with it, too, if not for their decision to post pictures to social media.

Abma asked for the public's help in identifying the girl in the picture via Facebook.

I know it's easy to make fun of the "youths of today" and their obsession with social media...but COME ON, YOU USED THE FARM'S GEOTAG ON YOUR SNAPCHAT POST YOU DUMMY. If you just had a random pic of you on a donkey, there could at least be some sort of plausible deniability. Say it was someone else's donkey, I don't know. The fact that you swiped through your Snapchat filters, ignored the "Evening Vibes" and "Mood" and whatever else typically pops up and instead chose the one thing that could directly implicate you...man, you deserve to be caught and busted.

Abma's said they will be closed today (August 24th) so a veterinarian can come out to check all the animals.

The Daily Voice has a picture of the girl, who was outed as a 17-year-old River Dell High School athlete from Oradell.

According to the Daily Voice, anyone 18 or older could be charged criminally and face fines and possible community service. Juveniles would receive delinquency complaints that carry certain requirements.

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