Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's physician at the time of his death, has been found guilty of manslaughter. Listeners to Just A Bit Outside know we have been very consistent on this case. He was clearly very guilty. Now Conrad Murray is ruined and we no longer have to worry about his brand of medicine. Doctors have to be held to a higher standard than other citizens and not just do things for cash. The health of the patient must always matter and when it doesn't, even for a second bad things happen. In this case a man lost his life. As far as punishment, sentencing in a case like this varies from house arrest to something around 4-5 years.

Michael Jackson was clearly partially responsible for his own demise and that is why this was a manslaughter case and not 1st degree murder. Murray helped push a sick and terribly addicted man to an early grave. This should bring some closure to the Jackson family & his millions of fans. Hopefully doctors will take this as a reminder that the Hippocratic Oath matters more then the dollar. Do you think Conrad Murray was guilty? Comment below.

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