It is such an important skill to not only have knowledge of but be trained in because it could help someone but also save their life.

There is an opportunity for you to learn CPR or get some more practice reps in for FREE tomorrow morning at the Ocean County Library Toms River branch starting at 10:15 am with the first class and the second one will begin at 11:30 am, according to Cherie Garrison, a certified CPR Specialist who will be instructing the classes.

This is something Cherie has been doing for more than 20-years and currently runs "Hands on CPR Training".

We are in the midst now of National CPR week which runs from June 1-7 and Cherie wants to bring awareness to these life saving skills, she said, but also help you learn them.

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Cherie was at the radio station about 4-5-years back where I and some of my co-workers learned and became CPR certified thanks to her instruction.

She makes the classes fun but also easy to learn, and is there to help you every step of the way.

You can sign up for this CPR class through a special eventbrite page.


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