Last week there was news that Christine might actually return, but now it looks like that was just a pipe dream.

She's just not going back to the band, no matter how badly she's wanted in the fold.

Back in the day, it was unthinkable that one of the female members of the band wouldn't remain a part of the powerful chemistry and talent that make up Fleetwood Mac, but alas, times change and people grow and go in different directions.

So even though Mick Fleetwood tried his best to lure Christine back to the band, he's now been told to shelve it.

According to

Mick Fleetwood has been instructed to stop trying to get Christine McVie to return to the band. McVie was part of their highly successful reunion tour captured on 1998′s ‘The Dance,’ but opted out when they reconvened in 2003 to work on a new album (‘Say You Will’) and tour, and has not been back since.

Meanwhile, Fleetwood Mac is working on new material, getting ready for a major tour and just re-released Rumours in deluxe form.

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