There are currently 10 Chipotle Mexican Grills in New Jersey, with a few in Ocean County, but none further south than Hooper Avenue in Toms River. If you're amongst the population that lives below that line, it'll be a lot easier to get your Chipotle fix when they build a new location on Route 72.

According to the APP, Chipotle has signed a lease to take over the former location of the Sonic Drive-In on Route 72 in Stafford.

An exact date hasn't been announced, but a spokeswoman from Chipotle expects the restaurant to be open by this winter.

I moved to Barnegat last March, and I'm still waiting for Panera and Chick Fil A to set up shop - it looks like Chipotle might be settled in before either of them. We'll let you know when a Grand Opening date is announced!

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