I grew up in North Jersey. When I was not quite seven years old, my family moved to Brick. I went to school at Monmouth University. I lived in Lakewood for six years. I currently live in Barnegat. I've experienced the "north", experienced the "south", and I definitely believe in the existence of the "central".

A Google search shows just how divisive this argument is:


The debate basically revolves around North and South Jerseyans denying the very notion of Central Jersey, while those of us who have lived there know it's real. The trick really is that there's no official line, even for those who believe in Central. Most of us, myself included, just consider Interstate 195 to be the dividing line. Geographically, it makes the most sense, because it pretty much is in the center of the state. I get the argument that anything north of 195 is "North Jersey" and anything south is "South Jersey", but you have to look past simple geography and look deeper into the culture.

Of course, looking deeper is what makes you realize that there are actually more than just North, Central, and South Jersey. Northwest Jersey is a lot different from Northeast, and the Jersey Shore is a lot different from the Trenton/Philadelphia area.

Vicky Leta, a fantastic artist from New Jersey showed love to Central Jersey with this piece that I absolutely love:


If you want to support a great young artist, you can buy a print! Send us a pic of it hanging in your man cave, tiki bar, wherever you put it!

I've highlighted Vicky Leta's art before, sharing her pic to our Instagram for National New Jersey Day.

You can see some more controversial New Jersey maps HERE.

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