Finally, an election where you know your vote really does count.

It's the age-old question and just for the record, it's cats for me, although I love dogs, too.

Of course, those who know me know I love all creatures great and small and consider every single one important and worthy of love and compassion, including our suffering "food" animals.

But enough of my campaigning.

It's Cats vs. Dogs in this contest.....cast your vote daily in America's Pet Debate & Purina will donate $1 for each vote up to $100,000 to Pet Partners' Veterans Programs.

From America's Pet Debate facebook page:

"Pet Partners' veterans programs support America’s veterans, connecting them to dogs and cats so they can experience the real mental, physical and emotional benefits they can provide.

The donation Purina will make on behalf of voters in America’s Pet Debate will help fund visits to veterans from therapy animal teams."

Please watch the very touching video below to be reminded of how important a companion animal can be to help heal a veteran.