The New Cat Country 96.7 and 104.1, The Jersey Shore's Number 1 for New Country,  wants to Pay Your Bills.

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It has been a stressful couple of years and we know that every little bit helps.

Engin Akyurt, unsplash
Engin Akyurt, unsplash

Whether you are struggling with that credit card payment, phone bill, car payment, or even rent, we are ready to jump in and make that payment?

Here's how you win.

  • Sign up below with your information and the bill, with the exact dollar amount you would like us to pay.
  • Listen to the New Cat Country on 96.7 in Monmouth County, 104.1 in Ocean County, or on our free app for your name at 9:20, 2:20, or 5:20.
  • When you hear it, call us back within 9 minutes to get your bill paid!
  • It's that easy.


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