CLIFTON — Superhero fans in North Jersey got an ultimate surprise while watching "Captain Marvel" opening weekend, as the title actress herself visited a theater. Brie Larson sipped on a soda as she strolled through AMC Theaters Clifton Commons 16 on Saturday, met with cheers from star-struck theater goers. Marvel Studios shared a video clip, which you can see below:

Susana Moimenta said she is now "the cool cousin for life" after she snapped a group selfie with Larson and her little relatives, who had just seen the actress on-screen. Moimenta, a Kearny resident, said she was grateful that the Oscar winner took the time to speak with her young group of theater goers, and said it was "inspiring" to see such a strong female superhero.

Meanwhile, other New Jersey fans shared their disappointment on Twitter, about missing out on the live star sighting. Melissa wrote she had been planning to see the movie at the Clifton theater but last minute decided to go to the AMC in Mountainside, instead:

Captain Marvel scored an enormous opening weekend at the box office, both in the United States and worldwide.

As Screencrush reported, "Its $153 million domestic debut is the best for a new Marvel franchise besides Black Panther, and its $455 million worldwide debut is the second biggest opening weekend in Marvel Cinematic Universe history ever. Only Avengers: Infinity War made more in its first weekend in theaters than Captain Marvel."

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