It's no secret around here that I love the cold. I prefer winter to summer, I'd rather shovel snow than mow my lawn, Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's and my birthday are better than Memorial Day and July 4th and Labor Day. Fight me.

Six Flags Great Adventure is embracing the cold with the new "Polar Coaster Challenge", and it honestly sounds like the least challenging thing in the world (at least to me).

Teaming up with the Special Olympics New Jersey, Great Adventure is doing their own version of a "Polar Plunge" by asking people to ride the Nitro roller coaster in nothing but shorts and a tshirt!

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The challenge takes place on December 7th, and is free with Theme Park admission, Membership and Season Pass. All riders must wear tank tops or tshirts (sleeve must be elbow length or shorter) and shorts (to the knee or shorter). Bathing suits are not permitted, but gloves and hats are allowed. Riders also have to wear closed-toed shoes.

Check-in for the Polar Coaster Challenge starts at 11:45am on December 7th; the event begins at 12noon, with a group photo at 12:45pm. The park will open for regular admission at 1pm.

$2 from every admission ticket for the Challenge. will be donated to Special Olympics New Jersey, and can be bought here with the promo code POLAR. If you have any other questions, check out the Event Page.

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