People Magazine announced their list of the 25 Most Intriguing People of 2017.

They qualify intriguing people as "the heroes, icons and shining stars who helped shape society and light up a dark time."

That is a delightfully vague description that can really be molded to fit pretty much anyone People wanted to put on the list, which includes a handful of people I've never heard of, along with actors, models, reality TV stars, and more.

When it came to Springsteen, here's what People said:

Is there anything the Boss can’t do? He’s got the rock star thing down, his 2016 memoir topped bestseller lists, and now he’s the hottest ticket on the Great White Way. “I’ve got a job where thousands of people call my name. Why would I retire from that?”

bruce springsteen
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

I get that Springsteen has entered a new stage in his career, playing a small show on Broadway as opposed to MetLife Stadium...but is he really "intriguing"? I consider "intrigue" to be someone that I want to get to know more about, someone that is an up-and-comer, someone that hasn't been around since the early 70s. Maybe that's just me though, and I don't work for People Magazine, so what do I know.

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