BRICK TOWNSHIP - At times from mid-October through the end of November, Brick Township residents are likely to find water flowing slowly and thinly from their taps, and it's likely to be discolored and have chlorine overtones in the taste department. It's all temporary, during the Municipal Utilities Authority's Fall hydrant flushing. 

woman holding glass at water tap and filling water.

The procedure clears mains and pipes of sediment, which explains the flow and color. Plus, it involves a temporary changeover in disinfectant from chloramine to free chlorine. That accounts for the noticeable odor and taste.

Chloramine, considered longer-lasting and more stable than chlorine, is gradually becoming disinfectant of choice in many public and private water systems. Brick MUA officials are switching over to chlorine for the duration of the flushing project, and they add that it's not a point for concern.

Generally, letting the cold water flow for a few minutes clears it for drinking, washing, and general use. Before the project begins, it's probably a good idea to store some bottled water in the fridge. During, it's wise to avoid washing dishes and clothes during the few hours that the project affects water in your taps.

Brick utilities workers will be common sights on the streets. Be sure to drive with caution through work areas, and afford as much room as possible when passing a work zone.

Flushing is scheduled to begin on, or about, October 16, and continue through November. MUA staffers can answer questions about it at 732-458-7000, ext. 4226.


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