It's a message that's been made crystal clear by lawmakers but especially by police officers and other emergency vehicles...if you see one of those vehicles pulled over on the side of the road, Move Over.

A Brick Police Officer narrowly avoided injury earlier this week after a car sped on by and smashed into his cruiser on Route 70 Westbound that was pulled over on the side of the road as he was conducting a motor vehicle stop.

(Video Below).

The driver stopped after the collision and was issued a summons for Improper Passing of an Emergency Vehicle (Move Over Law).

In a video of the incident posted by the Brick Police Department, Officer Williams has his body camera on and recording him driving through the township on a busy roadway.

Officer Williams stops his police cruiser on the right side of Route 70 Westbound but as he starts to get out of his vehicle a driver smashes into the driver side of the patrolman's car.

" vehicle just got hit, I'm immobile, I'm not injured, the vehicle is on Route 70 Westbound," Officer Williams said.

He then got out of the vehicle and said "I'm okay" to another Brick Police Officer driving by the accident.

Officer William then approaches the car in front of him that he pulled over and says "are you okay?...they hit me. Are you okay? Are you okay?"

The driver then responds, "I'm fine, but why did I get pulled over?"

Officer Williams: "Well, we're not going to entertain that now but you were speeding....on Chambersbridge."

Officer Williams then tells a passing fellow officer that he's fine and gives a description of the car that hit his cruiser.

The driver of the car he pulled over pleads for leniency: "Please don't give me a ticket."

Officer Williams: "You're good, so just slow down next time, okay. Go ahead, just be careful, okay."

The video then ends.

Brick Police remind drivers to follow the Move Over Law, "to protect our officers and other emergency workers while responding to an event on the roadways."

The law states that if an emergency vehicle is on the side of the road with its emergency lights activated, such as in a police motor vehicle stop, drivers are to change lanes to the left, giving the officer a full lane of space.

If the lane to the left is not available due to traffic, then the driver is to slow down to well below the posted speed limit before getting to the location of the emergency vehicle, and if necessary, be prepared to stop.

"If you see an emergency vehicle with its lights activate on the side of the road and you fail to move over or significantly slow down as you pass safely, you will receive a summons, and even worse, you might seriously hurt someone."

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