An album honoring Dylan and raising funds for human rights was released this week.  It's a 4-CD collection called "Chimes of Freedom: The songs of Bob Dylan-Honoring 50 Years of Amnesty International".

That the album includes folk singers like Joan Baez and Pete Seeger is no surprise, but there is a wide span of artists on this album, including rockers like Joe Perry, Queens of the Stone Age and Pete Townshend, pop stars like Miley Cyrus, world music acts, punk bands and more.

The collection supports Amnesty's ongoing efforts to free prisoners of conscience around the world and surfaces in time for the 100th anniversary activities surrounding the birth of Woody Guthrie (born July 14, 1912), the preeminent social activist.  It also arrives as the "occupy" protests have made a mark on social awareness. And, finally,  it's release coincides with Dylan starting his professional career 50 years ago.

Interested?  Buy the album here.


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