What is your favorite milkshake flavor?  For me, I’m not a milkshake girl at all.  I mean, they're delicious, but drinking my ice cream makes it go away too fast so I’m going with a cone every single time. However, most of America loves em' but some of these favorite flavors are nothing short of blasphemy. 

A website called RTA Outdoor Living conducted this survey to find out what the favorite milkshake is in every state. Chocolate and vanilla lovers will be stone-cold shocked to find out that strawberry milkshakes are the most popular milkshake across the country! Are you kidding me?  You strawberry fans are like ice cream sleeper cells.

Unbelievably, ten states picked strawberry as their first and all-time favorite.  If you have a problem with that you can take it up with the weirdos in California, Illinois, and Louisiana among others.  To me, if there is not a hint of chocolate in the mix you are on the wrong track.   

Thankfully the residents of Michigan, Main, and Indiana are making some sense by picking straight-up chocolate along with eight other states.  

BUT hold the phone…this just in, what New York and Texas picked is unexcusable, are you ready for this, PINEAPPLE is listed as their favorite. I never even knew there was a pineapple milkshake and frankly it should be against the law.  

My head is not done exploding, the other insane favorite flavor is The Shamrock Shake.  I can’t even deal with this one. The Shamrock does not even know what flavor it is. Is it mint or something else?  To me, it is just a big green question mark.  People are asking for this shake to stick around all year long instead of just coming out around St. Patty’s Day.

Other milkshake flavors that made the list by being the most popular in just one state each were Nutella, peach, peanut butter, and peppermint…ohhhh I don’t hate that Nutella idea one bit.  OK, so what is the number one milkshake flavor in Jersey?  The Oreo Milkshake is our favorite showing we know what's up. Maybe New York should turn to us for help in this area next time.  

Photo credit: RTA Outdoors
Photo credit: RTA Outdoors

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