Move over Gene Simmons.

Wyman's reputed to have slept with over 1,000 women.

Of course, there was also his disturbing marriage to an 18-year-old when he was 55 back in 1989 (and with whom he began dating since she was 13).

Mandy Smith spoke out about that relationship in a 2010 article, and says, "I DID sleep with Bill Wyman when I was 14...but now the only man in my life is God."

She continues:


'I don't think most 16-year-olds are ready. I think the age of consent should be raised to 18 at a minimum, and some girls aren't even ready then.'

She gives an apologetic little laugh. 'I know, I know. People will find that odd, coming from me.'


Odd, maybe. But who would be better qualified to come to that conclusion?

But back to Wyman.

He turns 76 today, born on October 24, 1936 in London, England.

Maxim ranked him at #10 of "Living Sex Legends", but he'll always be known best, aside from liking girls that were jail bait, as the bassist for The Stones (even though he left the band in 1993 and since 1997 he's had his own band, Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings).

Wyman got together with his old bandmates in London recently for the first time in 20 years at the premiere of a documentary celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Stones called "Crossfire Hurricane", but he's not joining them on their upcoming gigs.



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