Bill Ward is returning to music, but not with Black Sabbath. Instead, he's announced a new trio called Day of Errors that will include Nick Diltz on lead vocals and bass and Joe Amodea on guitar and vocals.

The drummer mentioned collaborating with Amodea as early as April 2015. Diltz, meanwhile, was last heard as part of the new album by All Hail the Yeti, Screams From a Black Wilderness. Ward has also continued working with the long-running Bill Ward Band in the wake of a very public split with Black Sabbath.

All four original members of Black Sabbath were initially set to participate in the reunion album 13, but Ward later dropped out over a contract issue. He was then slowed by a pair of ailments, beginning with a shoulder operation in October 2013 and followed by emergency surgery to correct perforated diverticulitis. His old bandmates moved forward without him, using Brad Wilk of Rage Against the Machine on the album and Osbourne solo band member Tommy Clufetos on the subsequent tours, as both sides ended up sniping at one another in the press.

Fast forward a few years, and Ward sounds like he's ready to rock again. He calls Day of Errors the culmination of a "desire to have my drumming spirit continue to live." They'll be joined for live shows by a pair of guest musicians, Walter Earl and Aron Ward. "We play loud, hard, with overtures of gut-kicking heavy, heavy parts," he said, promising more details in the future.

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