One of the most frustrating aspects of our quarantine has been the influx of "outsiders" into our area. I know there's already a vocal argument on both sides about people coming to their summer homes on LBI or Seaside or wherever...and I'll admit I can understand some of the arguments each way.  As the weather gets warmer, though, the number of people looking to spend time at the shore is only going to increase, regardless of Governor Murphy's restrictions.

Shore towns are trying to figure out how to protect their year-long residents while not totally alienating tourists. Belmar has come up with a novel approach, and if successful may become a blueprint for other towns.

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Belmar Mayor Mark Walsifer has signed Belmar Borough Emergency Order No. 2020-01, which includes an Emergency Parking Declaration for "Resident Parking Only" for designated areas within the Belmar.

According to the Declaration, 16th Avenue South to North Boulevard, including B Street, Snyder Avenue, A Street, Surf Avenue, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th Avenues will be posted as Belmar Resident Parking Only.

While I think the idea is great, I have absolutely no idea how the town will enforce this. Stickers issued to all Belmar residents that they can put on their cars so the police can easily identify them? That still brings up the issue of people who own a summer house and can apply for the sticker so they can say "why yes officer, I live right there" before they get in the car and drive back up to Whippany.

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