State authorities still are looking to collect six-figure fines against Atilis Gym in Bellmawr due to months of ignored pandemic protocols, as the gym co-owners have been publicly claiming that assets have already been taken.

Ian Smith has been saying since Jan. 14 that Gov. Phil Murphy had illegally seized “all of the gym’s assets” from donations and apparel sales, which he lists as $165,000.

A spokesman for the Office of the Attorney General said on Thursday that such information was inaccurate and that the state has “not seized their bank account funds.”

“However, the state has received judgments against the owners and intends to collect on them," a spokesman said.

As of Jan. 14, $134,463 was the amount that Bellmawr gym co-owners, Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti, owed as a result of court-entered judgments.

Another $139,480 has been requested by the state for additional sanctions but judgment has not been entered, the spokesman said.

Nearly half a million dollars in donations has been collected online by the gym through an “Atilis Bellmawr Court Relief” GoFundMe campaign that's been live since May, earmarked in the description for the gym’s bills and legal expenses.

On Fox News Channel, Smith and Trumbetti said that they were converting funds and accepting new donations in crypto-currency. The GoFundMe campaign had collected $458,380 as of Tuesday.

"We have not seized any assets in relation to pending criminal proceedings in this case," the Camden County Prosecutor's Office also said on Tuesday in a written response to New Jersey 101.5.

Camden County health officials had no updates on actions against the business.

The gym also has dealt with repercussions at the local level, as the Bellmawr Borough Council voted in August to revoke the gym's business license. Smith and Trumbetti filed a lawsuit against the municipality, aimed at trying to get their business license re-instated.

Request for comment from the Bellmawr Borough clerk was not immediately returned Tuesday.

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