He's baaaaaaaack!! Chris Christie takes your calls tonight.

It has been quite a while since we have heard from the Governor and I'm sure tonight's show at 7p on The Hawk will be very interesting.

Obviously he is no longer for President, but , he has managed to stay in the Presidential race with "stumping" for Donald Trump on the campaign trail.And of course the Republican Party is in chaos right now!!

It's also going to be interesting on hearing what he has to say now about focusing on governing New Jersey until his term as Governor is over.

Is his endorsement for Trump a way of Christie positioning himself for a possible Vice-Presidency if Trump gets the Republican Nomination? I'm sure this and so much more will all come up tonight on Ask the Governor at 7p.

It's your chance to speak your mind and tell the Governor what's going on in YOUR life.

For a chance to speak to the Governor tonight, Call 800-283-1015

The country will be listening and watching online tonight. Click here to watch the live stream starting at 7pm


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