An Asbury Park man has been arrested by Lakewood Police for his connection to a number of incidents involving counterfeit money.

Irwin Greene, 48, was trying paying for items Wednesday with a counterfeit $100-dollar bill at the Gourmet Glatt on Madison Avenue but was quickly escorted out of the store after the cashier rejected the bill and handed it back

While being escorted out, Greene he tried to fight the cashier.

Greene then took off on foot and several other employees began to briefly pursue the suspect on foot, but were unable to keep up the pace.

Police have tied him to several similar incidents where he had passed several counterfeit bills a few days earlier and the cashier Greene tried to fight recognized him being in the store on the same days those bogus bills were passed.

Just before 9:30 am Thursday morning, Detectives observed Greene near the Lakewood Community Center on Fourth Street.

He was arrested and transported to the Lakewood Police Station without incident.

In addition to the charges for the counterfeit money, Greene also had several outstanding warrants for his arrest.

At this time the total number of charges against Greene are not available as investigators believe he is involved in the other recent events.

He was subsequently transported to the Ocean County Jail pending additional charges.

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