I've been looking for a sport that is suited to someone of my limited athletic capabilites. The Townsquare softball team has been defunct for a few years, our dodgeball team finished with a 1-2 record, and I lost last year's Classic Rock Combine.

Shuffleboard is right up my alley!  Coming this Friday to Convention Hall is the Upper Deck Shuffleboard Club.

Players can head to the upper level of Convention Hall on the north side (above The Anchor's Bend) starting with a grand opening at 6pm on Friday. After that, the Upper Deck will run noon to close Saturday and Sunday. Starting Fourth of July Weekend the Upper Deck will be open noon to close seven days a week, with Family Nights on Tuesdays beginning July 4.

The grand opening will feature DJ Atom Worth spinning the best "yacht rock" from Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, Christopher Cross, Toto, and more.

Spokesman Adam Nelson said the new club

promises to luxuriate with leisure, turning the pastime favored by septuagenarians into the next ping-pong amongst the beachfront set. Shuffleboard has its roots in a 15th-century English game called shovel board, which, along with beheading his former wives, was a favorite pastime of Henry VIII. Its modern form arrived on American shores in the early 20th century, aboard transAtlantic liners popular with the blue-rinse brigade whilst whiling away their time."

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