AOL Instant Messenger will be no longer after December 15th. They are discontinuing their service due to the way people communicate today versus years ago.

Instant Messenger was launched back in 1997. At one point back in the early 2000's, AOL had over 100 million registered users.

This is actually bad news for me.

I use AIM every day to communicate with the Lovely Christina. It's no secret that we are not in the same studio, so when it is time for us to go on the air, I send her an "Instant Message" telling her how much time we have before we go live.

AIM conversations
The way Christina and I communicate off air

This is NO GOOD!!! We're going to have to find another way to communicate.

Call me crazy but......Today's news is not a good way to celebrate a twenty year anniversary!!

R.I.P AOL Instant Messenger!

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