I happily spent time this morning looking through pictures of James Franco and I must say, the only difficult part of this job is choosing which photo to display because apparently this pretty boy seldom takes a bad shot (surprise, surprise).

And James Franco isn't just a pretty face and long, lean body.  He's somewhat of a Renaissance man.  In addition to being a critically acclaimed actor, he's also a film director, producer, screenwriter, author, painter, performance artist, and instructor at New York University.

What makes Franco particularly charming?  Although he was interested in becoming a marine zoologist when growing up (and had the brains to do so), he secretly wanted to become an actor but feared rejection.

There is just something about an intelligent, talented and good-looking man who is also vulnerable and humble that most of us women find irresistible.

127 hours?  Uh, a couple will do, thank you.

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