New Jersey's highways are among some of the most crowded in the nation. Yes, there are areas around the country that are worse than ours, but driving our streets isn't exactly a walk in the park.

For the most part, New Jersians know how to handle themselves on the road. I like to think our reaction times are much quicker than those who drive in other states.

It's not that we want to be so quick, we have to be. With our fast-paced life in the Garden State, along with our dense population, there's no room for error on our highways and freeways.

Unfortunately, we do have that occasional driver that ruins it for everyone else. And those drivers come in many forms.

There's the famous left-lane hog, for example. You know, the one who thinks the left lane is for a casual Sunday stroll? And they're oblivious to the fact they're holding up traffic.

Then there are those who create a hazardous situation when they weave in and out of all the lanes to get ahead. Doesn't matter if it's the left side or the right, they use them all. As I said, they come in many forms.

Exit Sign
Google Maps

Recently, an overhead sign on the Garden State Parkway had a message I'd never seen before. It was telling drivers that if they missed their exit, do not back up.

Missed your exit? A message for those who go in reverse

New Jersey drivers who back up, please listen up.

Examples why 440/287 can be both potentially dangerous, and unnecessarily confusing

As if the traffic on NJ-440 & I-287 isn't bad enough.

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