Yes.....You read the title correctly .....Now I am not really a cat guy, but cat lovers are going to love this concept. You might say it's purrr-fect! (sorry...I couldn't resist)

Catsbury Park- Tea House and Cat Lounge on Cookman Avenue, will feature teas, coffee, and snacks on one side of the cafe, and then on the other side, there will be adoptable cats playing in a big space behind a glass partition.

Cafe Manager Jamie Nichols says,  “We have partnered with animal rescue organizations including Camden County Animal Shelter and the Monmouth County SPCA to help foster and find forever homes for the cats. Anyone that’s been to an animal shelter knows there are great shelter cats who are overlooked because of the overwhelming environment.  Our lounge will mimic a home, let 12 cats flourish, and give guests and potential adopters a true feel for a cat’s personality.”

It will be the first cat cafe in New Jersey, and they are looking to open by the end of May. They are currently looking for volunteers.

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