Design 710, Atlantic City's second legal marijuana shop opens on Tuesday, Aug 15th at 112 Park Place, inside the Claridge Hotel.

Five Things To Know About Atlantic City's New Legal Weed Shop

1- Design 710 is the first female-owned marijuana dispensary in New Jersey.

 What Does The Name Mean?

2- Here's a learn something new everyday moment, for me, anyway. 710, or 7/10, is widely considered to be a holiday for consuming cannabis oil products, including dabs and concentrates.

A Little Art With Your Purchase?

3- Design 710 also features the works of local artists in its shop, as part of its commitment to Atlantic City.

The “Dispensary by the Sea” pays homage to old Atlantic City with 1920s and 30s vintage postcard-inspired art along the walls and rotating railroad signs behind the counter.

Not Their First Rodeo

4- Design 710 opened earlier this year as Atlantic City's third medical marijuana dispensary, while they waited to obtain a permit to sell recreational products as well.

CEO Christine Casile has said that the company first applied in 2018 to operate a medical weed business in Pennsylvania and they weren't selected. In 2019, they applied in New Jersey.

“It was 1,296 days from when we applied to the day we opened our doors. ... But we’re successful. A lot of people, you know, don’t get to experience this, so we’re just really happy.”

A Historic Store Site

5- Design 710's cannabis lounge and dispensary, on the first floor of the Claridge Hotel, is on the same parcel of land on which the founder of Atlantic City, Jeremiah Leeds, built his family settlement in the late 1700s.
Design 710 will be open 10 am - 6 pm, seven days a week, promising the best quality cannabis products available at competitive prices.


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