Typically men have it much easier than women when it comes to choosing swimwear. Very rarely do we see guys in anything but standard swimming trunks or board shorts, especially here at the Jersey Shore. There’s a reason for that, fellas. Going against the norm with beach attire can work against you. Unlike women, showing more skin for men at the beach can lead to a fashion disaster. Here are 5 men’s swimsuits that should never, ever be worn at the Jersey Shore!


5. (Way) Above-the-Knee Boxers Swim Trunks

Guys – anytime your shorts bring us back to the days of 1980s basketball, you can guarantee that the ladies are pointing and chuckling. This boxer-like swimsuit trend is all kinds of wrong if you plan on wearing them anywhere at the brutally honest Jersey Shore.

4. Full-Body Swim Gear

Here’s the deal…wetsuits, surf gear, flippers and swim caps should ONLY be worn by surfers while surfing. Otherwise, it’s pretty self-explanatory that you’re a grown man wearing a costume to the beach (especially if you’re dressed in the number pictured below). Don’t do it guys – stick to a simple pair of normal-length swim trunks and spare everyone the jokes.

3. Swim “Briefs”

We all know that men in Europe and Australia are much different than American men. In fact, most would argue that men from the Jersey Shore are quite unique themselves. Either way, the tight and tiny European trend of swim briefs most likely will stand out (big time!) at any shore town in New Jersey.

2. Speedos

In this day and age, it’s hard to defend ANYONE wearing these bad boys ANYWHERE…especially at the Jersey Shore! Sure, you’ll get a fuller tan and you’ll probably even swim faster with a pair of Speedos on, but we can’t say that you’ll get much respect. The fact that these panty-like swimmers are still sold to anyone except professional swim teams is pretty unbelievable, let alone that they come in flashy, animal print designs!

1. Mankini/ Thong

Do we really need to explain this one? We’re blind just thinking about it!


Have you ever spotted any of these major fashion faux pas at the Jersey Shore? Tell us the details in the comments!