A couple weeks ago I mentioned on-air that I thought there was an earthquake hitting Toms River. I know it sounds ridiculous, but over the past few years we have had more and more earthquake activity in New Jersey. The first one I really remember was a while ago, when the epicenter was around Cape May. I happened to be at the Zoo when it happened, and while I didn't feel the earth move, I remember a lot of the animals suddenly started going nuts. They say animals are more in tune with that sort of thing, so it made sense that the lion would roar out of nowhere when he felt the earth shaking beneath him. I actually checked the USGS website to see if anyone else felt shaking in Toms River that day, but the only other person that confirmed it was my coworker who was here in the building with me.

If you were in the area of Freehold last night/early this morning, you may have felt some shaking and thought you were going crazy. It wasn't just you, as the United States Geological Survey confirmed that an earthquake with a 3.1 magnitude shook the area.

This map shows the "Community Internet Interest", which basically means people in that area went online to report they felt something.


It is interesting that Cape May did report some shaking again, even with the epicenter being about 100 miles away from Freehold.

The shaking was felt around 2am, and as of yet, no injuries to people or damage to buildings has been reported.

If you felt anything, let the USGS know!

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