People worldwide have long scratched their heads regarding the foods we eat. What we perceive as normal in the United States tends to perplex visitors from afar.

Let's take the peanut butter and jelly sandwich for example. Here in the US, PB&J has been considered a classic staple for kids and adults for decades. Yet most around the world have no appetite for the sandwich whatsoever.

Seems odd to us that anyone would consider PB&J strange, but yet, most around the world do. And that's just one of the very common foods that made this list.

In fact, many of the foods on this list are probably favorites of your own. And when it comes to life in New Jersey, it's almost unheard of not to come across a bunch of these items within our borders.

There is, however, one item that didn't make this list that most around the world also find strange. In fact, most in America might also find this particular item odd. But here in New Jersey, it's considered a favorite among many.

Any ideas as to what this particular product could be?

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Before we reveal this bonus item from New Jersey, let's first check out the actual 20 American foods that made the list that's considered highly unusual around the world. The foods that are considered everyday items here in the states.

For those of us in New Jersey, we have to blur our minds a little bit as a handful of these items are more broadly American, and not specific to the Garden State.

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Confused by food

Seem odd to you?

How in the world are people perplexed by tater tots and corn dogs? Can you imagine a Jersey summer without either of those items? It's just as baffling to us that most around the world think we're odd for liking these foods.

Speaking of which, here's that bonus food we absolutely love in New Jersey that even other states think we're strange for liking. In fact, we even have rules telling you the appropriate way to enjoy it.

Photo: natasaadzic
Photo: natasaadzic

The 10 Commandments To Eating the Perfect Pork Roll Egg & Cheese


Pork Roll (or Taylor Ham for those of you to the north) is by far a true Jersey staple. So much so, that we actually have rules regarding the proper way to consume it.

And although Pork Roll didn't make the top 20 American foods people around the world find strange, it certainly does deserve a bonus spot on that list.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 weekend host Mike Brant. Any opinions expressed are his own.

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