While Tim Tebow will get ALL the credit for the Jets 17-13 loss. I think one thing is plain, the Jets LOST this game just as much as the Broncos won it. The main culprit, the QB Mark Sanchez. Sometimes sports are simple. The Denver Broncos CAN'T score. Their offense scored a whopping ten points tonight in the win over the Jets. TEN points was all they scored in 60 minutes. Any NFL team should win if their defense only gives up ten points and the Jets didn't. The problem is Sanchez. The pick 6 he threw and his inconsistency all night allowed Tebow to have his moment. I am just gonna say it, right now he is a BAD quarterback.

The Jets are now 5-5 and are not gonna make the playoffs. I would like to blame the head coach. I would liked to blame the offensive coordinator. I think both those guys have done a bad job, but I can't. The quarterback takes too much of the credit & too much of the blame. Sanchez deserves that blame. If he doesn't make the crucial mistake today the Jets win and the entire season looks different. Enjoy the last 6 games Jets fans, that is all you will get this season.