Mark Sanchez

Video Clip Of The Day- Tim Tebow Compilation
The biggest press conference for a BACKUP quarterback happened today at the Jets training facility as Tim Tebow introduced himself as the new Jets back-up quarterback. He said all the right things. He seemed genuinely happy to be a New York Jet...
Sanchez Will Remain A Jet
Love him or hate him, Mark Sanchez is here to stay.
Kind of.
On Friday night, the New York Jets announced they had extended Sanchez's contract through 2016. The new deal, which makes Sanchez the 7th highest paid quarterback in the league, officially takes the team out of the runnin…
“Sanchez” girls from NY Giants parade speaks out [VIDEO]
By now I'm sure you have seen the video from the parade on Tuesday of the girl screaming out Mark Sanchez's name when they were asked who they want to see most in the parade. Well if you missed that, here it is:
Well Channel 4 News has caught up with the Lil' Barbie Dolls...
Jim Leonhard Defends Sanchez
The blaming of Mark Sanchez for every Jet inconsistency this season has reached a new level. Before his four touchdown performance against Buffalo, Sanchez was booed. Not at halftime, not in the first quarter. He was booed before the game during warm ups. His teammate, safety Jim Leonhard, took exce…
Look Beyond Sanchez
Mark Sanchez isn't an elite quarterback in the National Football League. In fact, he's not even close to being on that level. But, despite what some pundits and a few highlights would have you believe, he isn't the reason for the Jets lack of success in 2011.

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