Tice's Shoal

Painful Clinging Jellyfish Reported at Tices Shoal
If you're like me and you like to go into the water at Tices Shoal...Be careful!
The Clinging Jellyfish was discovered in the Barnegat Bay this weekend. Approximately forty of them were spotted and two people were hospitalized due to its painful sting...
Check Out These Best and Worst NJ Boat Names
NJ.com put together a list of some of the best and worst NJ boat names that they saw on the water this Summer.
Some of them include "Whoa Mama", "Boobs & Buoys", "Hillbilly Heaven", "Vitamin Sea", and "Player&…
Help Keep the Tice’s Shoal Walkover FREE to Boaters
Boaters (myself included) are pretty angry at the new $3 fee officials want to charge them to go on the beach from the Tice's Shoal crossover this Summer, and there is a petition going around to stop the fee.
For over 20+ years boaters would hangout at Tice's Shoal in Barnegat Bay, and at some point …