Charity is a wonderful thing. Giving back to those in need is something we all should strive for in our daily lives. Spending time on and off the air at the 105.7 The Hawk Billboard radiothon has given Just a Bit Outside a chance for a second consecutive year to help raise money for families in Ocean County that have been afflicted with cancer. Sometimes charity is dressing up like Kermit the Frog. Sometimes it's wearing a ladies dress. Unfortunately for our ego's, Thursday night is the latter.On Wednesday night's edition of the show an edict was put down to the listeners: Donate $1,000 and myself, Mike Krenek, and Tyrone Johnson would wear dresses on Thursday night. Amazingly, someone showed up minutes later with a large check totaling the amount. If you want to see a sight that will be burned in your mind forever, Thursday evening is your shot.

We'll see you starting at 9 PM at the Billboard Radiothon in the Target parking lot on Hooper Ave. in Toms River.