Since Eddie Van Halen recently underwent emergency surgery for a severe bout of Diverticulitis, VH's scheduled November 2012 tour of Japan is currently being rescheduled.

But here's wishing a happy birthday to David Lee Roth, who was born October 10, 1954 in Bloomington, Indiana.

No one can say that Dave can't front a band like no one's business, although the world, as we all know, will always be divided into the Dave and Sammy camps, with squabbling fans of both endlessly debating who's the better of the two, probably until the sun burns out, or possibly beyond.

A review in the New York Times on a show last February reveals that Roth can still do a good job on-stage, but, as expected, age has taken a toll:

"Looking trim in sequins and shiny fabrics, he covered the breadth of the stage with fluid footwork, though his trademark high kick was scarce. His voice suggested a similar constriction, coming across strongest in his barking, regular-guy mid-range. In a band so heavy on virtuosity, he's touchingly mortal."

He, along with his bandmates, is looking forward to the tour resuming in 2013 with a completely recovered Eddie Van Halen.

Long may you rock, Dave!