A group of guys who call themselves True Story ASA and normally do silly prankster videos decided to make something more meaningful and hoped it would go viral.

Thanks to my facebook friend, Christopher Pell for sharing this.

From True Story ASA:

Hi, we decided to do something different since we always do some crazy videos. We wanted to make the less fortunate happy and smile. Our intention in this video is to make their days and to make you guys always be positive to others.

We made sure the people that we gave clothes, money and food to were not drunk or would not use anything to buy drugs or alcohol. We want you guys to always SMILE no matter what because life is too short to be unhappy.

Eat chocolate because thats what makes us smile, do what makes you happy but always remember to be nice to others. Hope you guys enjoyed this video, always spread the love and happiness! Much LOVE to all of you! :D