Playboy has said “no” to any thoughts  Nutley Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil has about posing for the magazine, or any other Playboy platform.

Patricia Krentcil in her ‘Playboy Pose” on Mother’s Day (TMZ)


TMZ caught up with Krentcil on Mother’s Day and asked her several questions in her driveway, including if she would consider an offer from Playboy.



Krenticil put her arm around a friend who laughed at the question and said, “Of course!” before laughing again and hiking up her black dress to show some thigh before heading into the house.


A Playboy source tells TMZ, “It wouldn’t even be considered” — Hef wouldn’t let TM pose in the magazine or ANY Playboy outlet. Simply put — Tanning Mom just isn’t Playboy material.”

As for a Tanning Mom reality show, Krentcil replied, “There’s a couple people that want me.”