Just a Bit Outside prides itself on many things. Great radio. Good looks. Knowledge about everything from sports, to life skills, to holding court with the ladies. Somewhere on that list includes consistency. Every week includes a Top 5 Tuesday topic.

This week: The Top 5 stupid things people do to/with their pets.

1. Travis: Remember this story from a few years ago? The famous, actor Chimp who somehow swindled a CRAZY woman into bathing with him, letting him drink wine and popping Xanax pills like they were going out of style. Where it all go wrong? When the cocktail of drugs, alcohol, and a sad woman enabling a 200-pound animal led to Trav mauling a family friend. The victim lost here face. Travis lost his life. He does have a wikipedia, though.

2. Skits: I really wish there was a better way to explain this in print. Mike Krenek's ex-girlfriend (no, I won't reveal here name), has a series of videos up on her facebook page in which she forces her dog to dance and has strange voices spliced in. I don't know. I just don't get it, either.

3. The American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog: The following post is currently on the front page of their website:

Twenty-five Years! The Art Show at The Dog Show
A special presentation of twenty-five works of art donated to the Dog Museum by the ASDS since 1987 will be on display in the Sally Johnson Spillane Special Exhibit Gallery beginning May 24.

4. Fat Pets, Fat Owners: To be honest, the idea of this is wonderful. An owner trying to lose weight exercising with their pet? It's one of the great purposes of man's best friend. What I don't like is the mean spiriting facebook group name. The reason they are fat is because of you, bad owners.

5. Princes Leia Jack: Of all the costumes on this page, the Jack Russell dressed up as Princess Leia kills me the most every single time.