Boss of the Sauce is back!!! This is our 10th year, and once again we are going to find out which restaurant on the jersey Shore has the BEST red based tomato sauce.

Of course once again WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Join us at Jenks in Point Pleasant Beach on Monday April 22nd to sample food from over 20 restaurants, and crown a restaurant “Boss of the Sauce”

Here is one of the restaurants participating in Boss of the Sauce.We stopped by the Tipperary Pub in Lakehurst to sample their Sauce. IRISH STYLE!!

That's right. Tipperary Pub has their own Sunday Sauce (gravy) that is loaded with meat and goodness.

The Tipperary Pub prides themselves on traditional Irish cuisine as well as a great menu that offers steaks, chicken, pasta and more.

They have things going on every night of the week at the Tipperary Pub. The bar is a great place to hang with your friends as well as sitting down at a table with the entire family.

They want you to walk out of their restaurant with a full stomach and a smile on your face!!

Check out their video below

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