Thunder Road!!

That is according to fans from

Fans were given the chance to vote on the top 100 Bruce Springsteen songs of all time.

Here is the Top 10:

  1. Thunder Road
  2. Jungleland
  3. Backstreets
  4. Born to Run
  5. Incident on 57th Street
  6. Racing in the Street
  7. Badlands
  8. The River
  9. The Promised Land
  10. Rosalita (Come out Tonight)

Readers voted on their top 20 songs, and their first choice song received 20 ranking points down to their 20th choice which received 1 point.

Get it? It's pretty simple actually.  You can read the complete list at NJ.Com.

Do you think "Thunder Road" is Springsteen's #1 song of all time?