Video Clip of the Day

Video Clip Of The Day- Police Car Karaoke
You're probably asking yourself  what in the world is "Police Car Karaoke". First of all, you need to know this guy is a bit drunk. Second. Either he is being arrested or the fine policeman is kind enough to give him a ride, and third. He Likes "Bohemian Rhapsody…
Video Clip Of The Day- Big Hair Alert- Bon Jovi
You've heard this song a thousand times, but when was the last time you saw the video?  It's probably been awhile, so enjoy the hair AND "You Give Love a Bad Name".
Just curious. Regardless of the fact that they are a bunch of Jersey Boys, Do you still enjoy Bon Jovi.…
Video Clip Of The Day- Babies Are Weird [PART 2]
Another little  "bundle of joy" freaks out at the simple sound of dad making motorboat noises. It's still amazing to me the way their emotions can change in a sec. Hence the title..."Babies Are Weird"
A few weeks ago I posted 2  other videos of babies bugging out, so If you missed…

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