Video Clip of the Day

Video Clip(s) Of The Day- Best Talk Show Segment Ever!
Today's video is amazing for so many reasons. Maybe it's because of the crowd reaction to what they are watching. Maybe it's because it's from the 80's. Who knows, but it's incredible. And just when you think it can't get any better, you HAVE to watch the second vi…
Video Clip Of The Day- Girl Vs. Hungry Lion
I'm sure mom didn't handle this as well as the brave little girl did. But I'm guessing she's just grateful for thick plexiglass and a fresh diaper (probably for mom actually)
Enjoy today's "Video Clip of the Day"
Video Clip Of The Day-Bearded Dragon Playing Ant Crusher
Thanks to "Silent Jay" for putting this "gem" on his Facebook page today. It needs to be shared with you all. I could watch the lizard do this all day, and I'm sure he can do this all day too just hoping that one bug will be real. When he turns to the camera…
Video Clip Of The Day- Baby Loves Zeppelin
Even at such a young age this little guy knows the difference between good and bad music!!! Watch his face light up when the guitar riff starts and enjoy today's "Video Clip of the Day" Comments are always welcomed.

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