Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon Countdown Has Begun!
I know it's only July, but the Radiothon will be here before we know it. It's just a few months away!!
We have created a countdown clock right here on the website so you can count the days along with me until I am sleeping high atop the Billboard in the Target/Lowes Shopping Center in Toms River to h…
NJ Target Stores Weigh In On Transgenders and Bathrooms
Target has announced today that Transgender customers in New Jersey can use the bathroom or dressing room that matches their gender identity. This also applies to their stores elsewhere.
In a statement by the company,  "We welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom …
Pizza Party at Drum Point Elementary [VIDEO]
Big Thanks to everyone that donated this year for the Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon!
Together, with your generous donations, we raised over $122,000!!!!
Every year we put out a competition to all the schools to raise the most money for Ocean of Love. The top school will receive an awesome pizza pa…
Final Tally- Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon [PHOTOS]
When I came down from the Billboard at the end of the Radiothon on Friday October 23rd, the tally was $119,286. That is a tremendous number!!
Every year after the radiothon is over, people still make donations to Ocean of Love for the next few days, so we wind up with a NEW final tally

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