Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson Traded to the NY Yankees
I know that sounds strange but it is absolutely true.
Even though Russell Wilson is the starting QB for the Seattle Seahawks, the baseball organization, Texas Rangers have owned the rights to him since 2013.
Today, the Texas Rangers have traded those rights to the New York Yankees for future considera…
Some Super Bowl Questions For You [POLL]
Super Bowl XLVIII is a little over a week away! The Denver Broncos will be facing the Seattle Seahawks.
When it was first announced that the Super Bowl will be held at Metlife Stadium everyone was SO excited. As time went on it has seemed that people who live in New Jersey and New York really don&apo…
Richard Sherman/WWE Remix [VIDEO]
Everyone is talking today about the post game interview Seattle Seahawks Cornerman Richard Sherman had with Erin Andrews last night after the game was over and the Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49'ers to play in Superbowl XLVIII to face the Denver Broncos on Feb 1st...